If you drive up to Metrotown for movies or just to hangout, you might have just drove by this spot a couple times already. Cafe Joie is located on Sussex Ave and is (I’m presuming) a family owned cafe. The style at the cafe is very reminiscent of what you’d find in Gastown or down Main street – industrial with the wood and subway tiling.


Although it’s shiny and beautiful, the mugs and plates are more homely, which I think adds a nice touch rather than being too hipster. I ordered a tea, so I couldn’t comment really on their barista skills, but would definitely come back to try it out. I bought a box of macarons and also had a bit of their coffee bun.


Coffee buns are becoming the big rage now and why wouldn’t it, it’s a crispy but bready delight that goes perfect with, well, coffee. If you’ve never had a coffee bun before, it’s similar to a bonchaz. Crispy on the outside and a bit bready on the inside with filling.


The only place that needs a little work is their macarons. They were all inconsistent in sizes (see photo) and while they had a great array of different flavours, the macaron shell/crust needs a little work. From my experience, biting into a macaron has been pillowy, soft, moist and a bit chewy. The macarons were filled mostly with air. I’d love to see them to continue and improve their recipe – because I know first hand that macarons are extremely fussy and difficult to make (I tried once and failed badly!). So I hope they’ll keep plugging away at that.

Cafe Joie is the perfect place for students to study at, or even just a place to do some work or hangout and catch up with friends.

Food: mini2andahalfforks

Service: mini5forks

Value: mini4forks

Ambiance: mini5forks

OVERALL: 4forks

Check out their menu and website here.

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