There’s very few places I give 5/5. One such place is Le Petite Belge, that just opened up on Robson. The staff are friendly, the food is fantastic, the price point isn’t too high and the variety is good. What else can I ask for? You can get a sugar powdered waffle with maple syrup for $5. You can get a fancier waffle with strawberries, melted chocolate, whip cream around $10. It is the best waffle I’ve had in my area of Downtown. Mind you, I’m also near Cafe Medina, which I can never get into ever, unless I want to be horribly late for work. I’m going to jump ship. Le Petit Belge is actually much, much more authentic. It tastes like the waffles and pastry I had back in Europe. Also, I can get everything fresh in 15 minutes. That’s a big seller for me.


They sell croissants, bread, tarts… everything a bakery entails.IMG_0473

But onto the wonderful waffles. We had ours to go. In house, the presentation is amazing. I’ll go back and snap pictures on plates. It is so cute and wonderful. I saw many people walk by in the window, stop and look at what people were eating. At some point a tourist took out a camera and snapped a picture. The man at the cash register smiled and gave her a thumbs up. I like this cafe so much, the vibe is very laid back.

IMG_0480 IMG_0483

I will be back soon!

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