Preso Tea is a bubble tea chain originating from Taiwan which has crossed over and opened a couple locations right here in BC. One of them is located at Oakridge Mall. Bubble tea is always super popular and whenever I walk by, they are quite busy.

preso tea oakridge mall

They have a pretty good selection of different types of milk teas, fruit teas, slushes and more. To establish a baseline, I ordered my go tos: Oolong Milk Tea ($6.80 for a large) and Mango Slush ($6.80). I like that many places, including Preso Tea give you the option of how much sugar and ice goes into your drink.

They also have Panda pearls available which are black and white tapioca pearls.

I asked the cashier if they had anything similar to roasted milk tea and she was a bit confused with my question, she said if I wanted milk tea that they have the regular one. I ended up getting the Oolong Tea because I knew that the oolong would have a nice, strong caffeinated flavour that could kind of emulate a roasted milk tea.

preso tea oakridge oolong milk tea

The Oolong Milk Tea is quite comparable to other bubble tea cafes, it’s a little less strong in flavour but overall a good choice. I didn’t mind that the flavour was slightly muted. I ordered mine with no sugar and it was pretty enjoyable.

preso tea oakridge mango slush

The Mango Slush is good too, it’s made with fresh fruit. I went full sugar on this one and it had a great ripe, mango flavour to it.

If I’m craving bubble tea while I’m at Oakridge, Preso Tea is a good spot fill that craving. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but that’s to be expected since they’re in Oakridge.

Food/Drink: 3.5

Service: 2

Value: 2.5

Ambiance: 3


For more info and the menu, check out their website here: