If you’ve ever had the pleasure (or maybe displeasure?) of travelling with me, you’ll know when it comes to planning and pre-trip prep, I can be a little…on the OCD side. Almost every trip (once everything is confirmed) begins with a packing list.

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Depending on where I’m going and for what purpose will change this packing list. For example, if I’m going to a wedding with multiple events, I plan out my days: which days will I have to dress fancy, what I’m going to wear and sometimes I even sketch it out to see what looks good together.

I break down my list into categories like accessories, pants, tops, dresses, shoes, toiletries, etc.

This huge list becomes my packing list and sometimes I throw it into my suitcase to make sure I remember everything I packed when I’m coming back home.


On top of this and again, pending what kind of trip I’m going on, I create a calendar of the week(s) I’m gone with the activities that we’ve already planned out on the calendar. I’ve only ever had to make this calendar twice – once was when I went to San Francisco and I was lucky to spend a lot of time exploring the city with Brian and with my friends. The other time was when I was managing a bigger group of people to make sure I had everyone’s itineraries, confirmation numbers, etc etc.

In my recent Travel Tips video, I mention these and I thought it’d be great to share with you one of my old packing lists and also an idea of how my calendar looked like when I was planning.

You can download my packing list here and change it up to suit your needs.

You can also download my calendar here to get a sense of how I did it so maybe you can create one for yourself.

Let me know if these are useful for you!